What is Software United?

Software United is a Buseness Model for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and System Integrators (SIs). The model is designed and organized by VDEL and backed up by IBM. The Business Model will strive to offer business partners true flexibility and new possibilities in order to develop joint business.

Software United offers an integrated platform for business solutions based on IBM Lotus, Tivoli, Informix, DB2 and enterprise-grade open source software (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, Red Hat Enterprise Solutions, Red Hat Infrastructure Products).

ISVs and SIs can use Software United Buseness Model and Software United platform to offer stable, protected, respectable and competitive solutions with unbeatable price / performance ratio, strong brands and partner’s ecosystem behind.

Why is Software United especially important today?

Today, in the situation of world economical crisis, every IT department faces a lot of challenges like reduced and limited budgets, rapidly changing market demands, lack of skilled staff, high cost of keeping complex support infrastructure, etc.

Software United helps in addressing these issues and offers new opportunities to drive business now during present difficult economical times and in the future as well. VDEL will certify these applications in association with IBM and promote them throughout the world using well-known, established channels. Full 1st and 2nd level support will be assured through the certified support centers in the regions.

Implementing VDEL Business philosophy the age of Open Source has arrived.

Linux and Open Source applications are now a part of almost every IT system in the world. Over the past few years we have striven to ensure that we take advantage of this maturing market, offering a range of Open Source and best of breed IBM applications. VDEL is now pleased to announce the integration of these elements together into a single comprehensive Business Model: Softwareunited logo